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By purchasing more than one course at a time, you can save a lot of money on your overall investment into your business and career. No other course company provides bundles at these types of discounts. Our goal at The Elite NP is to help you succeed and get your practice off the ground… affordably!

Select the courses you are interested in below and you will see the discounts show up in real time based on the discount rates in the table below. Add them to your cart and once purchased you will be automatically enrolled into the courses for immediate viewing! Remember, all Elite NP courses can be accessed indefinitely!

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The Online Coaching and Consulting Business Course $ 499.00
The House Call and Mobile Clinic Course $ 237.00
The Complete Medical Billing Course $ 199.00
The Financial Independence and Investment Course $ 399.00
The Advanced Medical Practice Marketing Course $ 277.00
How to Start a Telemedicine Practice Course $ 247.00
The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course $ 499.00
The Advanced Men's Health and Testosterone Course $ 499.00
The Stem Cell and Regenerative Injection Clinic Course $ 397.00
The Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course $ 699.00
The Advanced Clinical Peptide Treatment Course $ 229.00
The Dermatology and Cosmetic Skin Care Course $ 499.00
The Ketamine Infusion Clinic Course $ 499.00
The IV-Infusion Clinic Course $ 499.00
The Definitive Medical Weight Loss Clinic Course $ 599.00
The Opioid Addiction Clinic Course $ 499.00
The Women's Health and HRT Clinic Course $ 499.00
The Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic Course $ 499.00
The Elite Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Review Course $ 199.00
The How to Lower Your Taxes Course $ 499.00
The Biodentical Hormone Pellet Course $ 499.00
The Thyroid Optimization Course $ 399.00
The How to Open a Psychiatric Practice Course $ 499.00
The Clinical Psychiatry for the NP Course $ 499.00
The Medicare Home Risk Assessment Course $ 499.00
The Orthopedics For The NP Course $ 399.00
The Foundational Functional Medicine Course $ 1399.00
The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, & Nutrition Course $ 499.00
The Foundational ECG/EKG Interpretation Course $ 199.00
The Medical Cannabis Clinic Course $ 347.00
The Asset Protection Course $ 499.00